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“The Missing Piece to Business Creation”

We at Puma’s Business Creation are the missing piece to your successful business creation! We are a consulting firm that assists new and existing business owners. If you are starting your own business and need help, I will help you jump start your business by putting together all the missing piece to make sure your company is in compliance with all state and local laws. If you have an existing company and feel you are still not all together, let us make your business a completed puzzle by having us reassess your company and gettting you back on track to becoming a successful company!

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What We Do...

  • Government Compliance

  • Incorporation of new and existing businesses

  • Creating and updates of business plans

  • Marketing Strategies 

  • Bookkeeping Services 

  • Establishing non-profit 501(c)3 organizations

  • Personal and Business Tax Preparation

  • Mobile Notary

  • Obtain Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks

  • Living Wills and Living  Trust

  • Power of Attorney for Medical and Financial 

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